Salmon Kulebyaka – a layered temptation.

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5 Responses to Salmon Kulebyaka – a layered temptation.

  1. Ben says:

    Thanks again for cooking up what was a pretty memorable meal (in a good way). I remember peering into the jug of Kvass and thinking ‘hmm, funny way to serve coke…must have vodka in it or something’, then pouring myself a big glass and taking a big gulp. To be fair to kvass, it’s a grower. I like that you managed to collate my train of thought into a brief, and it’s appreciated you made the mayo from scratch. I think most people who don’t like it are just too used to that shiny wallpaper paste (that goes see through) that passes for mayo in most places. I’m also impressed you managed to get a decent photo of the kulbyaka after we hacked away at it with a knife rather unceremoniously. The hot butter poured over it was a nice touch too :) So here’s to equally successful events in future! Ben PS – Almost forgot, pickled tomatoes…ace

    • Katrina K says:

      Ben, kvass being a ‘grower’ – I like your English sense of understatement;). as for good quality mayo – perhaps I should actually do a separate dinner themed around all sorts of fats! including a nice jug of my mayo….with chopped cornishons and dill.mmm.

  2. Alina says:

    Wow Kulebyaka sounds like a huge cooking project! I’ve never made it at home, although I’ve always drooled at mentions of Kulebyaka in Russian literature :) do you buy Sovetskoe Shampanskoe in London? :-o is it easier to find than sour cherries? :-o

    • Katrina K says:

      haha, Alina – sourcing Sovetskoe shampanskoe was actually a big project too! making Kulebyaka was a rather time-consuming process, soo worth it, I’m planning to make a really old-fashioned Gogol-ian version with brains and marrow and….ahhh

  3. Pille @ Nami-Nami says:

    Here’s mine: (sorry for the quality of photos, that was many years ago ;) )

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